"Taste Of Home" presents A Royal Icing Affair!

A Royal Icing Affair!

Nothing says elegance quite like the delectable, smooth and creamy consistency of Royal Icing...

1. 2 tbsp of meringue powder
2. 1 - 2 lb bag of confectioner's sugar, sifted
3. 1 tsp Creme Bouquet

Step 1: Pour meringue powder into sifter
Step 2: Mix with water and make sure there are no lumps
Step 3: Sift powdered sugar into a separate bowl
Step 4: Add creme bouquet
Step 5: Add 3/4 meringue powder mixture
Step 6: Mix well until smooth consistency
Now your icing is perfect and ready to use! The taste is just as wonderful as the smell and we are sure you will absolutely love it! You can use it on cakes, cookies and other delicious treats! Try it out and enjoy!