"Taste Of Home" presents Cupcake & Things


Cupcake and Things is a bakery that was established in 2012, by Herbert DeAguiar, a true Journeyman Baker.

For those of you who don't know, a Journeyman Baker "is a baker who learned his or her craft through apprenticeship under a Master Baker," according to DeAguiar. After 5 years of learning how to bake bread, cakes and other delicious treats from scratch, which includes the art of cake decorating, DeAguiar became a Master Baker himself in 1987.

In 2011, DeAguiar decided that he was a baker true to hewar, so he began working with the Small Business Development Center to learn how to start a business of his own. While taking this course, he started selling his baked goods at the Farmers' Market and Swap Meet.

In 2012, Cupcake and Things officially opened in Kapolei, Hawaii. The heart of this establishment focuses on the needs and wants of its customers.

The staff at Cupcake and Things strive to perfect the look and taste of each dessert.

The owner, Herbert DeAguiar, loves talking to, and building relationships with, his customers. He also listens to their feedback and suggestions, which he uses as inspiration to create new and delicious flavors for his consumers to enjoy!

Cupcake and Things has a menu on their website where you will find a variety of cupcake flabors to choose from. You will also find birthday cakes, desserts, and breakfast items. You can even hire them to cater your event!

Of course, as a lover of all things sweet and tasty, I decided to try six of their most popular cupcake flavors: Green Tea, Jamoca Almond Fudge, Red Velvet, S'mores, Peanut Butter and Chantilly. If you enjoy natural flavors, you will love the Green Tea. The Jamoca Almond Fudge was surprisingly light and nutty. The Red Velvet was a burst of sweetness. The S'mores tasted exactly what it sounds like. The Peanut Butter, tasted like the softest, most delicious nutter butter bar. And finally, my personal favorite was the Chantilly cupcake. I can only describe it with one word, perfection! This cupcake was moist and fluffy, and the frosting had a hint of buttery goodness that made this treat a hands-down winner!

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