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It was a beautiful day in New York City! The sun was shining and there were few clouds in the sky, for as far as the eyes could see. As I stepped outside, the cool air brushed against my face, reminding me that winter was soon on its way. I remember my mother dropping me off at my school ?Saint Helena?s Commercial High School,? around eight o?clock in the morning. By all indications, it appeared to me that it was going to be a normal day! I immediately reported to my first period ?History class.? Time seemed to have flown by as it usually did, and just before the bell rang, I heard something that sounded like an explosion from a distance and I felt the floor tremble beneath my feet. At first, I thought nothing of it, and proceeded to my second period class. My class was located on the fourth floor and my desk was situated by the window overlooking the island of Manhattan.

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