Entertainment - Jill Maria Robinson


Jill Maria Robinson is a Romanian born Canadian actress and publicist who is known for her versatility and passion. She is recognized as Jill Maria in film but is identified by her brand name J.M.R. to the world. Jill plays many roles, she is a support system to people as a publicist, certified makeup artists and actress. So J.M.R. Is very fitting for what she does and stands for. Jill started acting later on in life, but always had a passion for the creative side. The "Go Fish" star began her career in Calgary's film industry performing public relation duties for her mentor and best friend, Zulie Alnahas.

Her acting career began when she was seen on the news with Zulie and walking on the red carpet of the Calgary International Film Festival. She has been a supporter of Go Fish for three consecutive years. Jill was inspired and discovered by Go Fish creator Zulie Alnahas who cast her as one of the leads in her first role ever! Jill was exactly what Zulie had envisioned for one of the characters and offered her a part on the show, and because she had proven her dedication and loyalty to the Go Fish series. Jill has certainly paid her dues by working hard over the last four years.

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