Entrepreneur's Den - Mailani Joy Souza

Mailani Joy Souza

...is a talented up-and-coming photographer. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mailani has developed a taste for creative expression. Not only does she do wedding and portrait photography, but she also creates artistic photoshoots in which she allows herself to venture outside of the box.

Be brave and take risks. Nothing is a substitute for experience."

This mad genius is not afraid to get down and dirty if it means she can get the perfect shot! "I don't mind getting down in the mud or climbing on rocks. If I see the shot, I'm taking it."

By taking this vigorous approach in developing her craft, Mailani separates herself from being just another photographer. "I want to be the best, so I'm always trying new things and letting myself go crazy, creatively speaking," says Souza.

At the delicate age of 8, Mailani's mother bought her an Instamatic Camera. For those of you who don't know, this was the type of camera that you had to manually rewind until the film disappeared into a little cylinder. You would then need to take it to a film developer to get it printed, which usually took a couple of days. "That's when I caught the photography bug," Souza insisted.

"Receving that camera gave me the freedom to capture, in an instant, what I considered to be beautiful and unique. It also nurtured my love for documenting memories and precious moments."

"A few years back I started doing creative photoshoots with my friends. We would brainstorm an idea, plan out how we would bring our vision to life, then we'd collect props and starts scouting locations that fit our overall theme. I received so much positive feedback that I started to think about doing this as a business. Then, when I met my best friend Michael Otineru in 2010, and we made that dream a reality."

Mailani has since dedicated her time and craft to perfecting creative photoshoots. She no longer does wedding or portrait photography, but styles shoots in which she is constantly pushing the mold and limits of the artistic mind.

In the future, Mailani hopes to take her photography to the next level by working on individual projects for F.A.M.E. Magazine as well as other freelance projects.

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