F.A.M.E. Beauty Tips

Beware of the Double-Dipper!

If you've ever gone to a salon or spa to get waxed, you've probably noticed that there are generally only 1-2 pots of wax per room. This means that all of the sticks used to apply the wax to your body needs to go into either one of those pots.

Now, what is the double-dipper you ask?

A double-dipper is an individual who dips a wax applicator into the wax, applies it to your body, then takes the same stick of wax and puts it right back into that wax pot.

This means that they are inserting a contaminated wax stick into the general populations' wax pot. In terms of sanitation this is a BIG "NO-NO!!!"

The proper procedure is to use a new wax sstick, or applicator, any time a new application of wax is to be administered to a person's body.

So, the next time you go out to "get your wax on," make sure to keep a look-out for the double-dipper because the odds are that if they're double-dipping with you, that pot has been double-dipped in before. YIKES!

Let's keep it sanitary shall we? Stay up-to-date on the latest beauty tips with F.A.M.E. Maagazine because we care about you!