Featured Arts - Ikaika Poki

If you've ever lived in, or visited Hawaii, you've probably taken the time to sit under the warmth of the sun on a sandy beach gazing out upon the waters as tropical breezes whirled around you. Perhaps you swam in the crisp, clear blue waters, or gone snorkeling to see the beautiful underwater wildlife that lies beneath the glassy surface of the sea. Have you ever wished that you could capture that second, in all its glory, so you would never forget how beautiful it was?


Ikaika Poki is an experienced and professional diver and underwater photographer who captures these incredible moments on camera on a daily basis. Not only does he have a sharp eye for seeing the perfect shot, but he also works very hard to try and bring the beauty of the islands to life in his photos. If you've seen his work, you will notice that he photographs everything from sunsets and mountain tops to the ocean and the world below it.

Poki, 35, including his two younger siblings, were born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Archie and Debbie Poki. When Ikaika was a young boy, his father worked for Turbo Body Boards as a shaper, and both parents were avid body boarders. "My mom and dad use to pack up egg salad or tuna sandwiches and we'd go to the beach to swim. We use to go so often that I had platinum blonde hair throughout my childhood!" Poki said laughing as he reminisced. "When I use to watch my parents in the water, all I could think was, 'I wish I were out there with them because nothing is cooler than riding a wave," he continued. 2 years ago it was Poki's sister, Kiana Poki, who inspired him to begin photography. Starting out with a go-pro camera, Ikaika began taking photographs of waves and vortexes, and a mere 3 weeks later he decided it was time to upgrade to a professional camera. Poki says it took him 4 months before he took a photo that he believed was "print-worthy" and he's continued to hone and perfect his trade since.

"My wife and son mean everything to me. Everything I do is for them. Poki Photos is my way of sharing every amazing thing I see with the rest of the world, while building an amazing world of our own with my wife and son." ~Ikaika Poki

In July of 2015, Ikaika and his wife, Farrin Poki, agreed that it was time to start a business, thus Poki Photos was born. You can order his photos in various print sizes on Metallic Paper, Canvas or Metal. Not only are his prices extremely competitive when compared to the work of other professional ocean photographers, but Poki's hands-on approach is something to be commended as well. Ikaika loves interacting with his fans and customers in person and via social media. He gives updates regarding new photos being released, as well as any specials or sales he may be advertising on his business website. "I've been a stay at home dad while my better-half works hard to help support our family. With Poki Photos, I can contribute to ensuring a better quality of life for my family. All I want is to give my wife and my son everything they will ever need. That's so important to me. The fact that I'm doing what I love is just the cherry on the cake." ~ Ikaika Poki Ikaika's wife is not only his biggest fan, but she is also his strongest supporter. "My wife helps me with everything! I take the photos, but she's the reason I was even able to get Poki Photos up and running," Ikaika admits to F.A.M.E... Magazine's RACHEL CRUZ, with nothing but gratitude in his voice. Together, Ikaika and Farrin are working hard to try and create endless possibilities for their son Idren who was born pre-mature but has now grown strong and healthy!