FAME Magazine - Arts Feature

Arts Feature • Wyland

Far below the surface of the sea lives a world of untold mystery and beauty. Exploring this aquatic world is one that two-time Scuba diving Hall of FAME honoree, Wyland, has spent his life discovering... Click Photo To Read More

FAME Magazine - Music Feature

Music Feature • John Dumas

John Dumas is an incredibly talented musician who grew up in New England. Throughout his early years, John enjoyed drawing and painting, but got hooked on the guitar and music when he entered college... Click To Read More

Health - July 2017

Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Many people are familiar with the saying, "Summer bodies are built in the winter" but if you haven?t yet made a commitment to fitness it's not too late.

Kelly's Corner


Recently, I've been on the hunt for a blush that is great for everyday wear! I think I can stop looking, because girl...*flips hair and swings hip to one side!* I found the perfect match!

Island Girl - The Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples

I love traveling, and what's more, I enjoy finding new destinations and travel spots to visit. I discovered a place called "The Valley of the Temples Memorial Park."

Brighten Up

Brighten Up!

As summer quickly arrives, the sun becomes both our friend and our enemy. We enjoy the warmth of the sun, but sometimes it leaves behind little reminders it was there.

Lifestyle - ATV Ride

ATV Ride

I love adventure! When we try new experiences, we live and we expand our knowledge of what's beyond the scope of our present state of mind. And some of these adventures are purely for fun! This month, we decided to go ATV riding.

Spotlight -  Sal Gal & KK

Sal Gal & KK

Sisters, Sally and Kelly Jackson, started a blog back in 2007, with the intent and purpose of adding "the laughter label" to all things regarding the aging process.